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Men are from Mars, women are from Venus is an old fact that can be applied to car buying. A research in America automobile market has shown men’s and women’s brains work in different ways when it comes to buying a new car.
According to a car buying study, male car buyers preferred fast, powerful, sporty, and cool vehicle especially attention-grabbing car such as BMW Z4, Ferrari 458 Italia, Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Ford Mustang, Porsche 911, Audi R8, and a long list of car names to be mentioned here. On the …

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Exhibitors at the E3 Stadium: South East Motor, Mitsubishi, Haima, Subaru, BOSE, Hawtai Auto, Chery, and Toyota.
At the E3 Stadium, there are a few famous Japanese car brands including the all-time best seller Toyota. The largest auto maker is putting the Toyota NS4 and Toyota FT-EV III on the concept stage and banking on the all-new Camry, Prius, Prius C, and Toyota 86.
One of China’s biggest car manufacturers Chery is showing off the Chery TX concept car. The launched of the TX concept has given an opportunity to people to …

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Ni Hao! ??! Welcome to Beijing and Beijing welcome you. The 2012 Beijing International Auto Show is now started!

2012 Beijing Auto Show floorplan
Automobile enthusiasts who have been spending the entire April chasing Motor Show starting from the 2012 Bangkok International Motor Show to the 2012 New York International Auto Show, now it is time to finish the third race in April. The 2012 Beijing International Auto Show will be held from April 23 – May 2, 2012. There will be 10 days of automotive ingenuity in Beijing, China. From April 23 …

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What??? Are you telling me that the famous Italian sports cars maker is making an SUV? A Sport Utility Vehicle? Yes it is. It is the Lamborghini Urus Concept. The images of Lamborghini’s latest SUV are leaked ahead of its debut at 2012 Beijing Motor Show that will be held next week. The Lamborghini Urus seems to adopt some designs from the Aventador, one of Lamborghini’s flagships. From the front, the concept SUV looks like a jacked-up Aventador. A view from side, it is a blend of supercar with a …

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All the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing fans have been waiting so long for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG since decades ago after the production of the renowned 300SL Gullwing discontinued in 1963. Fans who born after 1963 did not stand a chance to buy the 300SL Gullwing as a new car but now the second chance has come. Mercedes-AMG has developed a luxury sports car that has the temper of the 300SL Gullwing but with double power, named the SLS AMG.

The SLS AMG is first introduced in …

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The first hybrid vehicle was invented by Ferdinand Porsche in 1901, the Lohner-Porsche Mixte Hybrid. It was a horseless carriage with four wheels powered by either gasoline or electric. It is not really practical during that time because most people preferred internal combustion engine. This is because our earth is still having a lot of petroleum during that time. However, fossil fuels are limited and when the gas prices are going up, consumers started to look for hybrid vehicles that give a better fuel consumption. Does this means that the …